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Double Cone Blender
Capacity : 20 ltrs. to 3000 ltrs.

Double Cone Blender is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing Dry Powder and Granuals homogeneously. Two-thirds of the volume of the Cone Blender is filled to ensure proper mixing. It can be used for phamaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic units.




Ribbon Blender
Capacity : 20 ltrs. to 3000 ltrs.


To mix, crush and blend solid powders efficiently.


20 liters onwards.


The entire unit is fabricated with engineering precision. Along with the double ribbons which provide to & fro, up & down movement to the powder. 2 nos. chopper blades moving at cutting speed are provided at diagonally opposite sides to break lumps / coarse particles of the mixture. Liquid spraying nozzles attached with suitable pneumatic dozing system is kept optional. This ensures small amounts of any liquid such as perfumes or fortifying agents to be sprayed and mixed thoroughly with the powder. Proper venting system is provided to prevent powder mist spreading around the working area of the mixer. N2 blanketing can be provided.

Proper hoppers with mechanical sieves at the feeding station can be provided on request. All the glands and seals are properly designed and machined so that the powder does not leak out through the shaft seals. The entire unit is provided with a proper lid to prevent outside dust entering the system. A pneumatically operated bottom valve attached below facilitates removal of the blended powder in drums. The unit can be provided with load cells to weigh the mass accurately.

We provide complete powder processing projects from storage silo to packaging.



Drum Blenders
Capacity : 200 ltrs. to 600 ltrs. ( 60 kgs. to 200 kgs.)

The tumbler type Drum Blender is ideal for mixing dry powder and granular material. The unique baffle fitted on the lid ensures uniform mixing. This blender is ideally used in the production of pharmaceutical, chemical, food products & cosmetics units.

V-Cone Blender

Octagonal Blender
Capacity : 100 ltrs - 3000 ltrs.

Octagonal Blender is useful for mixing dry powder and dry granules due to its octagonal shape. The mixer is rotated at a slow speed and has a removable baffle mounted through rectangular openable lid. It occupies less space compare to other blenders like V and Cone blenders.

  Cage Blender

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Capacity : 50 Ltrs, 1000 Ltrs


The planetary mixer is ideal for intimate and homogeneous mixing of products of different viscosity, density, shapes and proportions. This is achieved by planetary motion of beaters and centrally located emulsifier. This unit is provided with SS bowl of suitable capacity. The stirrer shaft rotates on its axis and around the periphery of the bowl in a planetary motion, this motion provides proper mixing.


10 liters to 2500 liters


Higher shear rates. Dispersing low density solids. Liquid solids dispersions. Main container mounted on castor wheels for easy mobility. Choice of different designs of beaters to suit the mixing requirements of wide variety of materials. Jacketed bowl for heating and cooling of the products. The main top dish is provided with vacuum connection so as to avoid aeration. Scrappers of suitable design are provided to avoid localized heating and also ensures uniform mixing. A separate control panel is provided with mimic. The mixer is useful for ointment. Paste, cream and lotions. Material of construction - SS 304, SS 316 and M. S. Motorised as well as hydraulic lifting and lowering assembly is also provided for the higher capacity models. Contra rotary mixers for tooth paste can also be supplied.


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The Fluidaire Fluid Bed Dryer works on the principle of creating a fluid turbulence in a granulated or powdery wet product by means of hot air (or dehumidified air) flowing in an upward direction and drying the product to the required degree.


  Spray Dryer

Tray Dryer

  Double Cone Vaccum Dryer

Vaccum Tray Dryer

  Cage Blender









Multi Mill
Capacity : 50 to 200 kg./hr. depending on the characteristics of powder and mesh size required.

Multi Mill is utilized for granulating, pulverising, shredding and chopping of materials. This can be used for dry as well as wet granulation. Odd-size materials / granules can be reduced to the required size by fitting interchangeable perforated screens around the swing hammer blades. The machine is widely used in the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs, ceramics, cosmetics, spices etc.